We uploaded a new video ‘Coaching Webinar 6’ on our Channel! 動画を公開しました!

We uploaded a new video on our Channel!
We uploaded a new video of Coaching Webinar 6 on ‘INOUE Kosei JUDOs Official YouTube Channel’!
You can find the video below.
Please enjoy!
コーチングウェビナーの新しい動画Coaching Webinar 6を、JUDOs公式YouTubeチャンネルで公開しました!


The contents of Coaching Webinar 6 are“NEWAZA:OBITORIGAESHI(Belt-grab throw)”, and Kosei’s Eye ‘Self-Development’.
コーチングウェビナー6は、「寝技:帯取返」そしてKosei’s Eye「進化」です。