International Seminar Went Ahead!

On June 14 our International instructor, MITSUMOTO Kenji hosted an international online seminar from the Hamana Dojo in Kanagawa aimed at instructors all over the world.

The seminar was held at the request of Georgios Bountakis from Greece who took part in the coaching seminar in 2018, run by Solidarity of International Judo Education NPO(※). At the time 70 instructors from 34 different countries took part.

The main focus of the seminar was an analysis of the MITSUMOTO Special II video, ‘Ne waza training through tai sabaki.’ Followed by a Q & A session with demonstrations for the purposes of explanation.

We’re very proud that such dedicated judo instructors from around the world came together at this seminar, bringing hope of bright new future for our children through judo.

We’d like to express our gratitude to Georgios, HAMANA Tomoo and HAMANA Miyoko from the HAMANA Dojo and all the instructors who took part.



  • Health checks were carried out prior to the seminar and on the day the all necessary precautions were taken to prevent spread of the disease.

(※ Ceased activities on May 30th, 2019.)